2018-19 SEASON



   Welcome to our 2018-19 season!  

   It hardly seems possible that sixteen years have flown by since we launched the Weymouth Lunchtime Chamber Concerts, and fourteen since we moved to our new home at St Mary's Church.  At the time I could scarcely have imagined that the series would continue to flourish over such a span of time.  But last season we had some of our biggest audiences ever, with many of our faithful followers continuing to make a date with friends, or just come solo to enjoy the monthly treat of a lunchtime concert.

    As a Dorsetarian, I'm concerned to bring music of the highest quality to local people, engagingly presented in a friendly environment and at an affordable price.  In these days of universal arts cuts and axed concerts series, our role becomes more vital than ever - and with it, our responsibility to curate imaginative artistic nourishment and to nurture the next generation of young musicians.

    In 2018-19 we have a special focus on the piano - and not inappropriately for we are lucky enough to have the use of one of the best instruments in the area for our series.  We also highlight two important centenaries : that of the end of the First World War alongside the death of that master innovator Claude Debussy.  Several old friends make a welcome return, and there are some new artists too, including some rising stars.

Duncan Honeybourne

   Please make a note of the dates in your diary now, tell all your friends, and be sure to join us.  And if you are new to the area or to the series, please make yourself known and sign up to the mailing list!

   Enjoy the concerts!



Founder and Artistic Director






'' I trust that Dorset lovers of music will come to realise what a treasure they have in their midst''

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